Hard Decision about Hard Wood Floors

Finally owning your dream home with hard wood flooring and a great big pool.
Summer will be filled with friends in the pool all day and friends in the house all night.

Just be careful, not all of this pleasant daydream is a good idea. Having hard wood flooring takes a great deal of care to keep up. If you’re going to have people coming in to the house after swimming you should make sure to have a big mat or towel to help dry up the water dripping from the recent swimmers. Water left on the floors for too long with out being dried up can lead to major water damage.If you start to notice that your floorboards have discoloration, warping, or spacing you should call a water damage restoration company that can help you salvage your once beautiful floors.

Another sign your new floors may have water damage is a mildewy smell. Mold and mildew can start to grow in the wood when too much water has been there for too long. Mold is not safe for the family to breathe, a water damage restoration company can come in and help lift and remove the floor and remove the hazardous bacteria from your dream home.

Hardwood floors are extremely beautiful and can be a wonderful addition to go home but before you install them you should weigh the costs. Is this functionally what I need in my home? Does my current lifestyle accommodate hardwood floors? Once you’ve answered these questions will be in much better state to realise whether or not you should purchase hardwood floors in the first place.

Window washing and water damage

Becomes appointed which the windows of your home become so grimy that you either fork out the necessary funds to hire a window washer or you do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself there are some things to consider. You afraid of heights? Do you have the necessary equipment? Are your windows properly sealed? These questions and more should be considered before you make the perilous attempt.


There should be sealant around the windows, also known as caulking. This creates a seal that not only prevents water from getting in but also prevents heat from leaking out of the home and heat and cold from getting into the home. Eventually this starts to wear around and fall apart. If it is worn down sufficiently and you begin cleaning your Windows you may be causing water to enter your home. At the very least you will be causing your windows to trap the water and the resultant warping may cause you endless headache.


You should replace the caulking around your windows at least once every 10 years. If you live in a particularly warm environment may want to do this more often, as the sun drying and cracking the caulking can make it follow that more rapidly. If water has seeped into the window he can cause the window to start to rot and they will be infinitely more work for you in the long run. Basic preventative maintenance can deal with this problem before it arises.


Water damage and carpets: to replace or not to replace that is the question

We have all been there. Someone is but something interesting on the television and you have food and drink in your hands. As you move towards the couch you trip over something and your coffee goes flying to spill all over the new carpet. Or the washing machine overflows and the carpet becomes soaked in foam and bubbles. What you do now?


The first thing you should do is eliminate the source of the water damage as much as possible. If it’s a drink then you should try and dry it up quickly before it soaks into the carpet. It is very likely though that anything other than water will permanently stain that carpet. If you have a wet vacuum you should use that to strength as much water from the carpet as possible. It is also a good idea to point a fan and the area of spill in order to try it out as much as can be.


Often times the damage becomes so bad that the carpet needs to be replaced but this is not always the case. Even very great damage can be restored by trained professionals. You should seek out a water damage restoration company immediately after a major spill on the carpet or after flooding. These are trained professionals will deal with the situation immediately and let you know whether or not the carpet can be saved. If the damage is not dealt with immediately when it comes to convert it can lead to the development of mold and mildew and even to structural damage.

House plants and water damage


Some of us are born with a green the family and some of us acquire a love of plants and gardening and there are those who are entirely hopeless for the entirety of their lives. Plastic houseplants were invented to for those hopeless ones but for the other’s house plants are an excellent compromise between having an outdoor garden and keeping plants. Houseplants, however, can be great sources of water damage.


Most houseplants are kept inside of pots and if that pot brakes then you may have water seeping out of the plant and you may not even notice it. The earthy smell of mould and mildew may be masked by the smell of the plant and you may not know you have a problem until months later. The best way to deal with the situation is by regularly checking your pots for signs of cracks. Also it is a good idea not to overfill the pot as if you over fill it it may have to do seep down through the bottom.


If you keep plants in window racks they may also cause damage. If they are improperly secured they may leak into the wall of your home and cause damage that way. One way to avoid this is to line the rack with plastic before you put the soil in and therefore no water will seep out. Preparation is the key to preventing water damage when it comes to houseplants.