DIY plumbing and water damage

Whether it is in an effort to save money or at the genuine desire to do things for yourself fixing up the plumbing in your home can be a daunting task. Even with a great deal of previous experience plumbing is not always an exact science. Murphy’s Law is in full effect because you pull out the wrench and set to the work. How can the dangers of water damage when doing your own plumbing be mitigated?

As with many things in life preparation is the key. Making sure you have all the necessary tools to get the job done should be your first priority. There is nothing worse than starting a job and realising that you do not have the tools hand and don’t remember where you left them. Laying the groundwork for the job through preparation will save you a lot of time and effort in the end.

In this age of online and YouTube tutorials it is very easy to find out how to do just about anything. If you can imagine a job of work that is probably someone on YouTube who has filmed themselves doing it.

The main thing to avoid when doing your own plumbing seems obvious but is often neglected. Make sure that there is no water running through the pipes that you are working on! Be sure that the water is switched off and that you will not suddenly the catastrophically flooded. Water flows and very quickly and in a very short amount of time you can have a major water damage issue on your hand. When in doubt call in a one qualified water damage restoration company or plumber to help you out.

What’s under those floorboards?

The Romans were innovative inventors, apart from other things. One invention was under floor heating. What a luxury to have, warm floors on cold nights or mornings. No more fear about leaving the bed in the mornings because the floor is too cold to step on. For most of us, under floor heating isn’t a luxury we have. if you suddenly find your self with warm flooring such as your tile floor in you kitchen is warm or hot, do not be content. This is not a sign that your luck has changed and you have a magically warm floor now, you have a serious water and damage happening under the floor.

Thee best thing you can do is to call a water damage restoration company immediately, Having unexpected hot or warm flooring could be a sign of a water pipe or pipes bursting under the floor boards. To help stop the chance of flooding you should go and turn the water off at the main. If you have any difficulties locating where that is you should call your homeowners association or the company who built your home to help you locate it.

If your floors are not unexpectedly warming up your footsies and are instead stubbing you, you may have a pipe burst under the floor beds as well. Lifting, rising, warping floors are also a major sign of possible water damage and pipes bursting.
Floors that were once smooth and level but now uneven and slightly attacking your feet need to be handle in the same way. Call a water damage restoration company and soon as possible.